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Remembrance of an art

  • July 10, 2016 at 10:25 am
  • Completed

The project "Remembrance of an art" aims to confirm the historical continuity of cultural and art life in the city since the early 20th century until the end of the last century with a reminder of the work of great art masters who made their marks in the development of not only the painting in the city, but also the contemporary Macedonian painting and, on the other hand, to contribute to the future development of young talents in the field of fine arts.


The project is divided into two stages, in the first stage, to investigate the life and work of five notable artists who lived and worked in the city of Strumica. The second phase includes a survey of their work and is in collaboration with their successors, technical equipment of works and their preparation for display. The results of the survey and the photos provided will be used for making a high quality monographic catalog with reproductions and Memorial exhibition. In this research we will include the following painters: painter Teodora Hristova first educated artist in Strumica belonging to the postwar generation of Macedonian painters, Atanas Muchev one of the most important watercolor painter in the country and founder of the Art Association of artists in Strumica, painter Momcilo Petrovski who s the most authentic representative of the avant-garde informal painting, Stojce Gockov one of the most important Symbolists of figurative painting in Macedonia and Stojan Pachoov, high renowned painter from Strumica, who lived and worked in Belgrade, and who left a very valuable collection of his works in the city. Atanas Muchev and Teodora Hristova are the first educated art teachers in Strumica, and the other two artists are true representatives of artistic life in Strumica and the most original and influential members of the Society of Artists in Strumica; Stojan Pachoov is one of the most renowned painters of former Jugoslavija.

The project is financially supported by the Programme G1 from the LER Department – Transfer to non-governmental organizations by the Municipality of Strumica. 

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