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With Art against cancer-campaign against cancer

  • May 29, 2015 at 8:57 am
  • Completed

Project "With Art Against Cancer" – campaign for fight against cancer financially supported by the G1 Program of the Municipality of Strumica supporting projects for civil society organizations.

The project "With Art Against Cancer” aims to raise awareness among the population living in the Municipality of Strumica and in a symbolic way, by making an art piece, to support and to indicate on the need for greater prevention, health care of persons fighting this disease.

Art is universal, it unites, bonds, encourages thinking, because with the art work (monumental painting) that will be created we want to reach all those institutions that are relevant to create better conditions for patients struggling with this disease, but also to point out to all those who lost the battle with cancer, that we (institutions, non-governmental organizations) are here on their behalf to create conditions for better treatment for these people and to give support to all those who are currently fighting this disease. 

The project "With Art Against Cancer” will be implemented together with the Women’s organization from Strumica, which has worked for many years in the field of prevention, education and psycho-social support to people who have beaten this disease, but also as a well experienced NGO working in the field of improvement of the healthcare services to these patients locally.

The Women’s organization, which is our equal partner in the project, will be responsible exactly in the area of ​​prevention and preparation of educational materials that will be made in the framework of the project. 

The painting “Ivy”, which was completed within the framework of the project is a symbolic representation and a metaphor of cancer as a disease and its metastasis to the healthy tissue of human life. The tree of life is presented, which in a terrible convulsion and dryness senses the presence of an alien plant through its body. It is a phenomenon of forests. The tree creeper, ivy imperceptibly, quietly and gently advances through the stem wanting to completely replace it as a counterpart and a shade, soaking into itself its form and substance. That creeper lives and exists only because of the tree. The ax, as an archetypal element (created by the body of the stem) looms in the ground of the roots of both plants, as a guardian of the ivy, but also as a danger to the tree. The fallen leaf in a map of the life of the tree reflected in itself and is a witness to the whole scene in the painting. On 04.11.2015 as part of the project, “With art against cancer-campaign for fight against cancer”, an educational tribune took place in the House of the ARM. The lecture was held by the medical doctor Slobodanka Trivodalieva, who broadened the horizons of the participants about cancer, one of the deadliest diseases of today. Trivodalieva defined the essence of cancer, its types, causes and prevention, followed by a rich and productive discussion, and exchange of useful health advises.

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