Association for culture and development of creative industries - Tranzen

The mission of the organization is to contribute to the democratization and decentralization of culture in the country by providing unique cultural program and cultural policy development of local and regional level.


The main goals and objectives of the Association are:

- development of cultural policies at local and national level;

- affirmation of the independent cultural scene and alternative practices in culture;

- promoting and fostering contemporary and traditional cultural values;

- development of creative industries;

- animation of youth and marginalized groups and their inclusion through culture and art;

- development of culture and art;

- encouraging research in the field of ethnology, ethnography and cultural policies in the country and the region


The goals and the objectives are accomplished by the Association through established work program i.e. through the following activities:

- organizing cultural program activities

- implementation of joint projects with partner organizations and institutions from the country and abroad

- organizing conferences, media campaigns, publishing projects, cultural production, seminars, workshops and other activities;

- encouraging initiatives to the authorities and institutions in order to achieve the goals of the Association;

- promoting originality in the artistic creations;

- publication of papers in the field of art, culture and cultural heritage

- inclusive, advocacy, participatory platform that aims to strengthen the independent cultural sector and its impact on the creation and practice of cultural policies;

- mediation;

- performs other activities stipulated in this Statute;

Current Project

With Art Against Cancer


With Art Agains Cancer

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