Strumica as cultural and historical tourism destination

This project will attempt to put to use the cultural and historical capital of the municipality and provide a modest input into the advancement of the local economy by producing a web-based application tasked on one side with mapping out and offering information of different events, tourist trails developed by experts , tourist attractions, artisans and art galleries active in the municipality, cultural events and festivals, activities and sightseeing destinations in the city of Strumica, as well as with enriching the tourism offer of the municipality on the other by means of exploiting its rich cultural and historical heritage through the creation of a number of tailor-made tourist trails, such as the following: On the Road of Spiritual Tradition - 1000 Years of the Bishopric of Strumica - mapping medieval churches and sacral archaeological sites on the territory of the municipality of Strumica; 7000 years of Civilization - From Prehistoric Settlement to Medieval Fortification – listing some of the major archaeological sites in the municipality and thereby describing the development of human civilization in the region. The two tourist trails proposed will provide accessible paths to all sites and markers, information boards showcasing historical data, dates and photographs, whereby, as part of the project a travel guide in English will be prepared and printed, putting in the cultural and historical heritage of the Municipality of Strumica on offer to potential tourists via the tourist trails to be developed under the project.

The overarching goal of the project is to promote continental tourism in the Municipality of Strumica, all with a view to establishing a territorial sustainable social and economic development of the municipality and placing an emphasis on the development and promotion of cultural tourism. While the specific objectives of the project are to encourage the economic empowerment of a minimum of 50 project participants with equal gender representation among young people, artisans, and artists through their active involvement in the creation and promotion of the cultural tourism offer in the Municipality of Strumica, as well as to enrich the tourism offer of the Municipality of Strumica by utilizing the cultural and historical heritage of the municipality by way of creating tourist trails and adequately promoting them via a systematized web application and a travel guide.

The project activities will be directed towards improving the existing tourist offer and raising the quality of the promotion of the Municipality of Strumica as a tourist destination with the help of information and communication technologies (ICT), developing tourist trails by creating access roads to sites and marking and setting up information boards at the localities, thus contributing to meeting the municipality's priority of developing alternative tourism as outlined in the call for projects by creating a rich and diverse tourist offer through the utilization and promotion of cultural and historical heritage, natural resources and rarities. The use of new technologies allows for systematically developing innovation, adapting to and keeping up with new modern trends and demands of individual tourists. We plan to conduct several training's for theme-based tour guides and educate key actors in tourism to use digital technology in their promotion. The added value that the project produces consists of it being able to provide an input to the further development of the local community and establishing a shared synergy among all these actors in the management of sustainable tourism and the creation of an attractive cultural tourism brand. The need for a greater promotion of the Municipality of Strumica as a tourist destination boosts the demand for including more interested parties across the community in order to obtain a greater holistic approach in making the Municipality of Strumica a recognizable brand as a cultural destination and hence the main target groups of the project are tour operators, artists, artisans, tour guides, tourism experts, archaeologists, and museum workers.

In the frame of the project, a tourism platform was created aiming to promote the cultural capital of the municipality of Strumica in order to enrich the tourist promotion of the municipality. The tourist guide for the municipality of Strumica can also be downloaded from the platform. Here is the link from the platform 

Photo gallery of project activities:

This project is funded by the European Union through the Regional program for local democracy in Western Balkan (ReLOaD) implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)



Participatory cultural policies: a new model of governance in culture

In the next 3 months the Association for culture and development of culture industries  KULT – TRANZEN will work to improve the decision-making processes for strategic planning of cultural policy through the participation of all relevant stakeholders. Public discussions will be organized in each of the eight regions in the country to provide inputs into the National Cultural Strategy (2018-2022) and the Annual Plan on Culture. The project is funded by USAID Civic Engagement Programe implemented by USAID’s Civic Engagement Project in Macedonia and the Association for Democratic Initiatives (ADI).

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the cultural development at national level through planning of cultural policies and programs and capacity building leading to the creation of better cultural policy in the country. The achievement of the overall objective will contribute towards encouraging dialogue, fostering cooperation, sharing information and experience between the key stakeholders that directly contributes for the improving of the governance in culture. In addition, this project will contribute towards stronger communities and increasing their activeness and civic responsibility in planning and strategy making.  

In November were organized eight public debate towards the proposed National Cultural Strategy 2018-2022 in eight cities in Macedonia (Strumica, Kumanovo, Shtip, Skopje, Prilep, Kavadarci, Struga and Tetovo). The public debates were visited from various representatives from cultural sectors, who gave different suggestions towards improvement of the document and cultural development for the next five years. 





Remembrance of an art

The project "Remembrance of an art" aims to confirm the historical continuity of cultural and art life in the city since the early 20th century until the end of the last century with a reminder of the work of great art masters who made their marks in the development of not only the painting in the city, but also the contemporary Macedonian painting and, on the other hand, to contribute to the future development of young talents in the field of fine arts. 

The project is divided into two stages, in the first stage, to investigate the life and work of five notable artists who lived and worked in the city of Strumica. The second phase includes a survey of their work and is in collaboration with their successors, technical equipment of works and their preparation for display. The results of the survey and the photos provided will be used for making a high quality monographic catalog with reproductions and Memorial exhibition. In this research we will include the following painters: painter Teodora Hristova first educated artist in Strumica belonging to the postwar generation of Macedonian painters, Atanas Muchev one of the most important watercolor painter in the country and founder of the Art Association of artists in Strumica, painter Momcilo Petrovski who s the most authentic representative of the avant-garde informal painting, Stojce Gockov one of the most important Symbolists of figurative painting in Macedonia and Stojan Pachoov, high renowned painter from Strumica, who lived and worked in Belgrade, and who left a very valuable collection of his works in the city. Atanas Muchev and Teodora Hristova are the first educated art teachers in Strumica, and the other two artists are true representatives of artistic life in Strumica and the most original and influential members of the Society of Artists in Strumica; Stojan Pachoov is one of the most renowned painters of former Jugoslavija. 

The project is financially supported by the Programme G1 from the LER Department – Transfer to non-governmental organizations by the Municipality of Strumica.



Illumination technique and its application in publishing

During the festival of creative industries SKOPJE CREATIVE 2016 - Hub me with creativity that will be held from 10-12 June 2016 in place Playa Vista - Skopje, the artist Nicola Pijanmanov will hold a workshop and presentation of the old long-forgotten technique of illumination of books which may find application in modern publishing. The program of Congress Center Alexander of Macedonia who organizes this festival supports participation in the festival. 




Application of Byzantine ornamentation in the fashion design

The project "Application of Byzantine ornamentation in the fashion design" aims at addressing a forgotten art detail of Byzantine ornamentation deeply embedded in Slav-Church tradition, represented in almost all church objects around the country and restoration of the same through application in the fashion design.


Long-term outcome of this project is:

- restoration of Byzantine ornamentation using modern approach and its application

Short-term goal of the project is:

- to find a broader application of Byzantine church floral ornaments which are located as a decorative detail at the frameworks of the wall murals and church iconostasis

The project is financially supported through the competition for development of creative industries of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia.



Bakery craft as part of the intangible cultural heritage-story of bread

The project “Bakery craft as part of the intangible cultural heritage-story of bread” is a research, informative and educational project whose aim is to present and explain the role of bread in our everyday living as part of the cultural heritage of Macedonian people and their identity.

Long-term goal of the project is:

-to preserve part of the intangible cultural heritage which is linked to the preservation of the baker's craft and the meaning of bread in the ritual practice of people in Strumica and around Strumica;

Short-term goal of the project is:

- to inform the public about the value of bread as part of the culinary tradition of the Macedonian people by studying its symbolic meaning;

The project is supported by the annual program of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia.


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